Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are a handy source of cash flow for both large and small businesses that can make work-related purchases quick and easy as well as facilitate the purchase of larger items for the office.

Many large corporations invest in business credit cards for their employees to cut costs. With business credit cards the credit card company becomes responsible for keeping track of employee spending and sends one simple statement to the person in charge of expenses. Without business credit cards large companies can often end up spending unnecessary time and money employing several people to keep track of receipts and reimbursements.

For small business owners, business credit cards are a good way to separate personal and corporate finances, which can often become easily intermingled. With business credit cards many accounting worries are alleviated. The small business owner can keep an entirely different account for their personal and business finances so that paperwork and record-keeping become simplified.

Businesspeople with good credit histories should be able to obtain credit cards with good interest rates but it’s important to read the fine print when you are deciding on which card to apply for.

When Applying for a Business Credit Card Keep in Mind:

  • Annual percentage rates
  • Annual fees
  • Interest-free grace periods on purchases
  • Minimum finance charges
  • Miscellaneous fees

Both large and small businesses will benefit from the convenience of the business credit card. There is no need to worry about filing cabinets and desk drawers jammed with crumpled receipts, business credit cards compile all expenses in a neat concise package and can take much of the time and frustration out of the process of tallying business expenses.