Credit Card Generator

Credit card generators are one of the newest online tools that seasoned scam artists are taking advantage of.

Credit card number generators are available on the Internet and they work using an algorithm originally intended to prevent store clerks from entering incorrect card numbers into credit card machines.

A credit card number is made up of two vital pieces of information: the prefix which identifies the type of card, whether it be Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. followed by the number of the bank that issued the card. Credit card generators work by utilizing different programs to generate valid credit card numbers using various combinations of these numbers. People then go on to use these made up credit card numbers where they know the numbers are not properly validated, such as on various websites.

Fraudulent numbers invented by credit card generators can be tested on various websites where credit card numbers are needed for entrance to the site and once someone is in possession of a “valid” number they can go on to make online purchases. In most cases it is the credit card processors job to verify each credit card, but if there is a problem with a forged number the online merchant will be held responsible for this bad transaction.

For this reason it is important that online merchants protect themselves against credit card generators by running trace routes on card numbers and cross referencing addresses as well as phone numbers given. This will allow for more secure transactions and hopefully dissuade online credit criminals from pursuing this type of scam.