Credit Card Processing

We’ve all been there lately. You walk into a store and there is that perfect product that you absolutely need to have. You fumble in your wallet and realize that you have no cash on you. You say:

“Excuse me, do you take credit cards?”

The response is usually and resentful:


This might be a bit jarring, but it is understandable. Much smaller business cannot afford the steep, per-transaction cost of credit card processing. If you think that customers have it tough, credit card companies charge business just as much.

But really, these days, it is s fact of life that you need to offer customers the option of credit if you want to make any money. That’s why credit card processing is such a competitive industry. There are hundreds of machines out there that claim to do the fastest cheapest credit card processing.

If you are a small business you will need to invest in one of the small machines. To get the best results be sure to look for the following features:

  • Low-cost, all-in-one POS terminal solution
  • Occupies minimal counter or wall space
  • Handles various EDC transaction types: credit, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), check guarantee and truncation, phone cards and more
  • Average line transaction speed - 8 seconds
  • Dual-track, dual-way card reader, 2400 bps modem, 1 MB Flash and 128K of RAM
  • Integrated fast and quiet thermal printer
  • Large graphical back-lit LCD display
  • User-friendly keyboard and operational menu system
  • Optional built-in PIN Pad and smart card reader
  • Current and history batch reports available
  • New download initialization function within menu

Having a machine that can do all of these functions with all of the following features will ensure that you get every last impulse purchase and your existing customers will appreciate the convenience of not having to pay withdrawal fees every time they buy one of your products.