Bad Credit Loans

Learning to manage your money is a hard task. Learning to manage your credit is even harder. Not everyone gets it right the first time around. Unfortunately, financial institutions aren’t in the business of forgiving and forgetting, and eventually missed payments, unpaid loans and bankruptcies can all add up to give you a bad credit rating.

However, just because your credit rating is low, doesn’t mean you can’t manage your money. Perhaps you were just in a rough spot at the time, or perhaps you have greatly improved your budgeting skills since then. Lending companies realize that situations change. That’s why people with bad credit ratings have the option of applying for bad credit loans.

When a loan meets the industry guidelines (collateral, good credit rating, etc.) is is called a conforming loan. Non-conforming loans, or high-risk loans, are loans for people who do NOT meet the guidelines—that is, people with bad credit. Traditionally, bad credit loans required large down payments and imposed high interest rates upon the borrowers. Because lenders considered bad credit loans high risk loans, they demanded a higher return on their funds. However, these days lenders tend to combine the principles of a low income loan and a bad credit loan to be able to offer borrowers a more attractive package: a reasonable down payment, and slightly higher interest rates. When considering potential borrowers for bad credit loans and other high risk loans, lenders might:

  • lend with multiple late payments on the previous mortgage loan or other installment credit
  • lend in spite of a previous bankruptcy
  • help an applicant to reinstate a loan currently in foreclosure, if the foreclosure occurred as a result of an unforeseeable life event
  • insist that the total monthly debt to be no higher than 60% of the monthly income
  • accept applicants with less than two years’ worth of income verification
  • charge you higher interest rates and a higher down payment than they would for a “conforming” loan
  • tailor the loan to fit your needs and capabilities