Mortgage Elimination

As soon as you purchase a mortgage your goal should be mortgage elimination.

Mortgage elimination can be a lengthy task that takes years to accomplish, but the faster you are able to get rid of your mortgage the less you will pay overall in accrued interest.

In order to eliminate your mortgage quickly you need to pay attention to mortgage rates, choose an appropriate payment plan, invest the largest down payment you can afford when you purchase your mortgage and choose the shortest amortization period possible.

Mortgage rates, like economic conditions, are known to fluctuate frequently. The best mortgage rates usually occur when the economy slows down. You can look at these rates and figure out whether you are better off with a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage.

Generally, if rates happen to be low you will want to consider looking into a fixed-rate mortgage because by selecting this option you will be assured a low rate, and therefore lower mortgage payments, for the duration of your loan. If interest rates are high you are better off investing in an adjustable-rate mortgage because the initial rates are lower with this sort of plan and there is the option of being able to take advantage of falling rates in the future.

Pre-payment is always a good way to begin the process of mortgage elimination. This will allow you to take a good chunk out of the amount you owe your lender and in the long-run pre-payment will save you money in interest payments. Usually pre-payments can be anywhere from 10%-20% of the total principle owed to your lender and these payment can typically be made on the anniversary date of your mortgage.

During mortgage amortization you will probably renew your loan several times with your lender and if you don’t change the amortization period when you renew mortgage elimination can take a lot longer than necessary. If you don’t specifically ask for a short amortization period at the time you purchase your mortgage, lenders will usually start you off with a 25-year mortgage. For more efficient mortgage elimination you should try to shorten your amortization period each time you renew.

Before you purchase a mortgage you should try to eliminate any other outstanding debt that you have incurred. Paying off a large loan and a mortgage at the same time can be incredibly difficult and it will take you longer to achieve mortgage elimination if your funds are being siphoned into two separate debts.

Mortgage elimination can take years, but if you are aware of all of your mortgage payment options you can significantly shorten the time that you are paying off this sizable debt so that you have more money to invest in other endeavors.