Mortgage Rates

The mortgage rate you pay, also called the mortgage interest rate, will ultimately determine how much money you end up paying for your home or property.

A mortgage rate is given when you approach a lender to borrow money to finance the purchase of your home and to understand how different lenders determine mortgage rates you have to understand how interest rates work.

All interest rates are directly influenced by the economy in terms of inflation and the principles of supply and demand.

If there is a great demand for loans and mortgages interest rates will increase, and conversely, if there is a reduced demand for loans and mortgages interest rates will mirror this and will be reduced as well.

Factors that directly affect interest rates and mortgage rates are the Consumer Price Index, the Gross Domestic Product and the Employment Cost index because all are considered economic indicators and can be used to determine whether the economy is slowing down or picking up.

The Consumer Price Index or CPI is updated every month and measures the prices of consumer goods and services. It is used to determine the pace of U.S. inflation.

Gross Domestic Product or GDP is considered by many to be the most important measure of U.S. economic performance. It is calculated by the U.S. Commerce Department every quarter and indicates the total market value of all goods and services, including consumer and government purchases, private domestic investments and net exports of goods and services, in the U.S. GDP estimates are based on up to date statistics provided by the Census Bureau and other institutions. When the GDP indicates that economic growth is strong sometimes the demand for goods and services can exceed the supply of goods and services. In response to this often businesses, including lenders, tend to charge more.

The Employment Cost Index determines the rate of fluctuation in wages as well as salaries and benefits. Skyrocketing labor costs can force companies to raise prices to compensate so this is a telling factor into economic health.

The best mortgage rates usually occur when the economy slows down. This is because investors believe that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates in the future to help the economy improve. During this period lenders are able to offer lower mortgage rates to consumers.

Mortgage rates, like economic conditions, are known to fluctuate frequently, in turn they will usually determine the types of mortgages that people invest in and whether they have fixed or adjustable rates.

Purchasing a fixed-rate mortgage means that the mortgage rate will remain consistent at the same rate throughout the duration of the mortgage. People with this sort of mortgage rate plan will always pay the same amount.

When you purchase an adjustable-rate mortgage as a homeowner you take more of a gamble. As mortgage rates continue to fluctuate, so does the amount that you will pay from month to month with an adjustable-rate mortgage.

If mortgage rates happen to be high you will almost always be better off purchasing an adjustable-rate mortgage because of the lower initial rates and the prospect of being able to take advantage of falling interest rates that occur in the future.

If mortgage rates are low you will want to consider purchasing a fixed-rate mortgage because by choosing this sort of plan you will be assured a low rate for the duration of your mortgage.

The mortgage rate is the most important figure to get from a potential lender. When you know what sort of mortgage rate you are getting you can begin to budget and figure out how much you will need to save and put towards your mortgage in the years to come.

If you are looking into purchasing a mortgage you might want to try out a few online mortgage calculators before approaching a lender. These calculators can help you to figure out what sort of mortgage rate you can afford to pay as well as the total debt that you will be most able to manage.

When you find the perfect house you may be tempted to jump right into a mortgage, but if rates are high at the time you might get burned.

For the optimum mortgage rate keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on the economy and you will surely be rewarded with a great deal.